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This section will cover how Ray Mumford developed as an artist, how he got involved in 'leading edge' holography when he met Jeff Blyth, and the musicians and bands Ray worked with.

This is a quote from Ray, when asked how he got started with an airbrush.

"I was thrown out of art college (I got bored after the first year, so wasn’t there very often).

The head of the college told me that I would never get anywhere whilst I was obsessed with cars! Well he was spot on.
I was later cited as one of their ‘success’ stories, to new students, by the same head.
I did actually benefit from my time there though. Particularly from ‘Bob Knee’, he taught me how to appreciate hues and textures and to experiment with colour. Brilliant man.
But I probably learned most from a fellow student, Alan Wilson (Wilf). He was my main inspiration, I always wanted to achieve a certain quality that came so easily for him. Never did though. We are still the best of friends.
If someone had told us then, that I would spend half my life with an airbrush in my hand, We’d have spilt our drinks laughing.
Years later I was asked by a ‘person’ in Romford to design a paint job for a car. I did the design and was asked to go and see the result. I said it was awful (it was), in a fit of pique he said ‘you do better’.
He stormed out and I found an airbrush on the floor. Within an hour I had learned how it worked and did a couple of basic pictures on his fridge.
A few weeks later I saw those fridge panels on display at a custom car exhibition, he claimed to have done them. I put the record straight, and suddenly I was busy.
From little fridge panels, do full paint jobs grow."